Kalyn Siebert

Kalyn Siebert 60 Ton Fixed Deck

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Trailer Model: KSHRG-3-60T Model

KSHRG-3-60T Model Standard Equipment

Net Capacity: 60 Tons in 14′ of Deck Length REAR SECTION: 

Nominal Dimension: OAL 53 ft Width 8.5 ft 

Axles: Three, 5″ round, 5/8″ wall 25000# nominal capacity 

Capable up to 2-3-2 Configuration  

Suspension: Ridewell or Equivalent air ride with Oil Seals 


54.5″ axle spacing, Open wheel wells  

Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck 5 Position Adjustable Neck 

Auto Slack Adjusters 

49″ Loaded 5th Wheel Height, 15″ Setting, 2″ King pin 

16-1/2″ x 7″ Air, Parking Brakes on center axle 

Narrow neck, Chain Hanging provision in inner neck area  

Hub: 10 Stud, Hub Piloted, Long studs, Cast Drums  

Two position King Pin at 96″ & 108″ Swing, Front lugs for flip necks  

275/70 R 22.5 (16-PR Low Profile ) Tires on Steel Wheels 

PTO Powered: Two 9″x16″ main & One 4″x10″ lift arm cylinders 

Automatic/ Manual ride height control with dump valve & Air Gauge 

Air Activated, Self Locking Pin on Gooseneck (Positive Lock) 

Air Ride Suspension With 5 Position Ride Height  


V style Boom trough 

26 ft Deck Length with 8.5 ft Width deck 

Rear lugs, air & electrical connections for spreader bar & flip axle  


18 in Loaded Deck Height, 6″ Loaded Ground Clearance 

Full Depth Cambered Deck Beams 14″ height  

12 Volt System with 7 way Sealed Harness 

LED Sealed beam Lights w/ Modular Harness  

4 Beam design – 100,000 psi yield flanges & 80,000 web minimum 

Strobe light package with toggle switch on rear  

I-Beam Cross members on (approx.) 24″ Centers 

Epoxy Primer & Black Polyurethane Paint 

2″ Nominal Apitong Decking with Open Center  

Flag Holders – 2 Pairs – front deck and rear of trailer  

Floor screws used to secure decking on every other cross member  

Mid-Turn Signal/Clearance Light 

D Rings: 6 Pair on Outer deck & 2 inner main deck 

KS Mud Flaps Oversize load sign Brackets  

Outriggers: 13 Pair Swing out + 1 Pair Heavy duty hook on at front  

Red & White Conspicuity tape 

Front Flip Ramps for loading, Expanded tool tray 4′ long 

KSHRG-3-60T Model Optional Equipment 

Artic package – Air, Electrical & Synthetic Grease  

Base Trailer – 3 Axle 60T  

Synthetic Grease  

Flat Deck – 20″ loaded deck  

Extendable Deck 26′ Closed to 44′ Open 

60″ Axle Spacing (25′ Deck Length) 


Standard Size – 275/70R 22.5 

255/70R 22.5 Tires ILO Std. Size  

24″ Flip Neck  

60″ Flip Neck 

Tandem Axle Jeep  


Michelin Tires 

Spreader Bar – 14’1″ Mechanical  

Spreader Bar – 14’1″ Nitrogen Assist (Hyd2) 

Powder Coated all Outside Wheels (Black) 

Single Axle Flip 

Aluminum Inside Wheels (Mill) all Axles 

Single Intermediate / Tag axle  

Aluminum Outside Wheels (Polished) all Axle 

Wide Load Sign – Light Weight Aluminum  

AirWeigh Load Digital Scale 

Stub In Cross Members @ 12″ Setting 

Additional tool tray 48″ Increments 1 

ABS – 4S2M System 

Additional 2′ Deck (28′ Length Deck & 56′ OAL) 

Tool tray cover  

Center Decking (Secured) 

Battery Backup for Strobe Lights  

Bogie Ramps (1/2 Bolster) 

Disk Brakes  

13HP Honda Power Pack – ILO Chain Hangers 

Tire Inflation System 

Outrigger Planks Set 

Work light pairs on Goose Neck 

Load Bearing Wheel Covers (open center) 

Estimated Weight of the Equipment with the options : 24,620 lbs.  

± 3% For trailers other than standard specification, weight and dimensional drawing  

will be provided by plant after order is received and accepted.

TANDEM AXLE JEEP: SPREADER BAR: SINGLE AXLE FLIP: Lugs set up for single axle booster 

Capacity – 48K Lbs, 8’6″ Wide 

Capacity – 24K Lbs, 8’6″ Wide 

14’ 1” from rear of last trailer axle to booster axle 

King pin at 51” unladen, 50” loaded 

Lifting & Stacking D rings 1 pair 

Two options – Mechanical & Nitrogen assisted  

96” & 108” Swing for atleast 14’ Front Spread  

Axles, Tires and Wheels Match Trailer 

Mechanical System : Wt. 2,830 lbs +-3% 

Twin two speed landing gear 

Wt. 3,050 lbs +-3% 

Nitrogen Assisted System: Wt. 6,365 lbs +-3% 

Sliding fifth wheel, 48” slide 

Lifting & Stacking D rings 2 pair 


Axles, Tires and Wheels Match Trailer 

Capacity – 24K Lbs, 8’6″ Wide 

Wt. 8,500 lbs +-3% 

Lifting & Stacking D rings 1 pair 


Axles, Tires and Wheels Match Trailer 

Extension provides 168″ swing 

Extension provides 132″ swing Wt. 3,250 lbs +-3% Wt. 630 lbs +-3% 

Wt. 2100 lbs +-3%


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