Kalyn Siebert

Kalyn Siebert Drop Platform Extendable

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(Model: KDPEX-3-140 Low-Profile)
140,000 LB CAPACITY, 3 AXLE, 54’- 10″ LONG CLOSED, 78’- 6″ OPEN
Capacity: 140,000 lbs in 14′ closed position (load in open position must be 2 point blocked / self-supporting), GAWR & tire rating determine legal loads.
Overall Nominal Dimensions:  8’- 6” nominal wide X 54’- 10″ nominal closed / 78’- 6″ nominal open (12’- 10″ upper deck / 42’- 0″  lower deck closed with neck extension in up position).
Gooseneck: Narrow neck with lugs / 118″ flip neck extension / floor screen / removable chain tray.
Upper Coupler: 2” pin / 16 setting / 50” fifth wheel height.
Swing Clearance: 108” / 226″ with 118″ flip neck extension in down position
Landing Gear: 2-speed landing gear with curbside crank handle
Beams: 100,000-psi minimum yield flanges / 80,000 psi minimum yield webs / 20” deep main rails with fabricated side rails (upper flange reinforcement bars 12″ long spaced 18″ apart for chain end hooks).
Cross Members: 4” junior I-Beams on 9″ centers first 9′ and last 9′ of lower deck / 4″ junior I-Beams on 12″ centers balance of lower deck.
Flex Track: Track between main beams to enclose and provide protected travel of air and electrical lines during extension / retraction without disconnecting / connecting lines.
Stops: Air operated for extendable length with stops approximately 24″ throughout.
Rub Rail, Stake Pockets & Pipe Spools: None
D-Rings: 11 pair (straight) mounted on top of bottom flange (outer beams) evenly spaced, 4 pair (straight) on ends of bolsters and 7 Pair (bent) on the fabricated side rail evenly spaced between reinforcement dars  (position high on the side rail).
Floor: 1-3/8” Apitong outside with screws every cross-member (every other cross member front 9′ rear 9′ of lower deck), 3/16″ steel diamond plate center.
Deck Height, Loaded: Front and rear of lower deck approximately 33″ at rated capacity.
Rear Lugs: Lugs on rear for future flip axle / spreader with air and electrical connections.
Suspension: Ridewell Model 240 Air Ride / 55” spread / nylon shock straps.
Lift Axle: Air bag cut off valve mounted in Bolster with axle chains on 1st axle.


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